Monday, February 7, 2011

Debby Rollins hard at work - you go girl!!!

Sorry Dot - picture is a little dark.
Debi Wind showing off her goodies.
And the lovely Donna Bryant showing off her birdies.
The skilled Connie Newbanks who really didn't need me, but we had fun all day.

Well I had a wonderful day with the girls from KCG. It was so great to see everyone. I asked Paige what she thought of class and she said "it was so different - it was a warm atmosphere because everybody knew everybody. It was so laid back." I think what she said was perfect. A warm atmosphere. Since Paige has been with me for over 10 classes she should know. She is an awesome helper. Everyone walked away with 3-6 finished pieces on Saturday and they really did a good job. So proud of them. THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME!!!!! It was fun!!!
Paige took some pictures so I am posting them. I HOPE nobody gets offended or their feelings hurt if she didn't get everybody. A couple of them were very blurry.