Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swim little fishy.....swim little fishy

Of course Taterbug had to get in the act. She has the lips to make GREAT fish lips huh?

My sis was here for graduation and she stayed for 7 days. WE HAD A BLAST. I had to go back to work to get some rest. LOL. She has a new sewing machine and we had to venture to the quilt store. She doesn't have what we have here - Louisville has some great quilt stores. HERE IS WHAT WE MADE!!!!! AREN't THEY adorable. They are called Parlor Pets. The goldfish and there are 4 separate patterns.

My "baby" Paige. Where did the time go?

And I can't go without showing you Paige when she was little along with tatertot. She was and still is a beautiful girl. My babygirl. She can never change that. I think all mommy's feel this way.

Paige BOUQUET's for graduation party.

Now on to the fun part that Lark and I did. I had this crazy idea to not have real flowers at her graduation party but I would make paper ones that would last. So while laying in bed one night at midnight I thought up a Paige Bouquet with pictures of her in the center. Lark helped me get all 50 of them done-last minute of course. So hard to work 48 hours a week and do creative stuff do. I used green straws and a daffodil patter off of Martha Stewart's website. They were so much fun.

It happened and I can't believe it is over.....

Above is Paige's invitations to graduation ceremony and beside it is the graduation party invites I made. She drew the bulldog puppy since that is her mascot from school and I made it into an explosion card. I must say - I loved it. But after making 35 of them - I don't want to make anymore explosion cards for a long long time. LOL.

It happened and I can't believe it is over. Paige Graduated from HIGH SCHOOL. Everything went by so so fast. Wish I could do it all over again. Although the heat about killed us along with total exhaustion - she was surrounded by everyone who LOVES her and were her friends. It was awesome. Even her very sick great aunt and a great uncle ventured out into the 95 degree heat to show her how much they love her and support her. 95 degrees the first of June was a record for us. But I wouldn't have traded it for all the fun and good time we had at Paige's Party. I just kept going in and out of the house. WE ALL worked so hard to transport all the food and smoke the bar-b-que. My husband, her DADDY worked so hard and I know Paige really appreciated it. She wrote us each a 2 page letter about her life and I cried like a baby. She also got to buy her dream with all the money she recieved.....a MACBOOK. She is in heaven.