Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It happened and I can't believe it is over.....

Above is Paige's invitations to graduation ceremony and beside it is the graduation party invites I made. She drew the bulldog puppy since that is her mascot from school and I made it into an explosion card. I must say - I loved it. But after making 35 of them - I don't want to make anymore explosion cards for a long long time. LOL.

It happened and I can't believe it is over. Paige Graduated from HIGH SCHOOL. Everything went by so so fast. Wish I could do it all over again. Although the heat about killed us along with total exhaustion - she was surrounded by everyone who LOVES her and were her friends. It was awesome. Even her very sick great aunt and a great uncle ventured out into the 95 degree heat to show her how much they love her and support her. 95 degrees the first of June was a record for us. But I wouldn't have traded it for all the fun and good time we had at Paige's Party. I just kept going in and out of the house. WE ALL worked so hard to transport all the food and smoke the bar-b-que. My husband, her DADDY worked so hard and I know Paige really appreciated it. She wrote us each a 2 page letter about her life and I cried like a baby. She also got to buy her dream with all the money she recieved.....a MACBOOK. She is in heaven.

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