Friday, April 20, 2012

SHE's HERE....She's Here!!!!  Today in the mail was my beautiful bird handmade by Cindy Kovack.  She was at Artiscape and I fell in love with her wonderful birds.  I didn't have time to look really well because I had to go teach...but on the drive home the birds were all I could think about.   I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!!!!  Isn't she the best!!!! Click here for some music.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Gelatin Printing with.....Gelli Arts printing plate!!!!

 This mask was made by Joe Rotella at their booth at Artiscape.  He has the coolest machine that you can find on their site.  I WANT ONE!!!!  It will scan and cut any shape you find from anywhere through your computer.  It is amazing.   Go visit them

 You can use anything you can find in your house or you can use rubber stamps or foam stamps.  The cirlces are a piece of wire I layed down.    Oh and rubbing plates by Cedar Canyon were also used to make some of the animal prints.


GELATIN Printing with the Gelli plate from Gelli Arts.
Also at Artiscape I taught Gelatin Printing on Sunday. It was so much fun. I did have to actually whip up the gelatin and then transport in forms there - but it was worth it. I think the students enjoyed it.

Above are the print I made using the Gelli Arts plate. You can use it over and over again and it will never fall apart like homemade gelatin will. I have the big one. The picture with the turtle is where Paige drew a sea turtle and I used it as a mask and then she glued down the mask to the print. I used Golden Fluid Acrylics - which are absolutely the best!!! The colors are so vibrant and highly pigmented and well....just wonderful to use.  She LOVES it and now it adorns her wall in her room. It is so much fun and if you are interested - go to Glli Arts website and check out their blog. You too can have a ball with Gelli Plates. Check them out here - They have tutorials also that are a big help.  The Golden Fluid Acrylics that we used can be bought online or at your art center.   Also, one of my Michael's here in Louisville carries Golden Fluids.  


Well Artiscape was fab this year. It was in a new venue, Embassy Suites and we loved it. The food was really good along with the drinks. The rooms were really nice and it was so grand having it all in one place. Everything at your fingertips. Lisa Ohmer who owns European Papers has made Artiscape a wonderful event to attend. Her attention to detail is amazing. Hope to be able to be a part of it next year.

Below is from the Saturday evening ball. It was a lot of fun and delicious.

The clock is a cookie! So beautiful!

My adorable daughter, Paige, who goes with me every year as my assistance, well what can I say....I'm blessed. She lugs all the heavy bins of supplies for me, sets up my classrooms and is just freaking awesome. Thank you Paige going with me and taking such great care of me, especially since I was under the weather.

Masks off the tables.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Handmade Christmas

I made a KALEIDOSCOPE. I have never made one before but was determined to make one for my sister-Lark. She has been talking about one for a while and I wanted to make her something special for christmas and it is. I found a book that showed me how to do the inside mirror. You have to use first surface mirror glass. Never made a name in wire before but it worked out. The end of the vial is full of beads and glycerin so it changes the image inside. So much fun.
Then I saw these on-line and thought...I can make those. Had to order everything on-line. This has been a 4 month endeavor because of my back. But I had to seal them twice - then paint the faces - then seal 2 more times. I only made like 42 of them. LOL. No seriously. I love them though and gifted them to my sis. I also have a gift of these for someone else special to me. Hope she doesn't read this before I get to her house. I gave my niece some with horse ribbons on them. They were fun.
And finally, I made some penguins ornaments out of felt. Just learned on Martha Stewart that here is BETTER felt out there called WOOL felt. So much nicer than what they sell around here. Gosh I miss Baer's Fabric.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and the New Year brings you exactly what you want whether it be health, money or family. Thanks to all my friends and students for a great year. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Now for my new favorite Christmas songs.....this one is so here. Along with the Polar Express Soundtrack. We all need some new sounds. Oh and don't forget that I want everything in the SANTA BABY song. And if you can't fit it under the tree - my back deck will work.

oh and WHERE IS THE SNOW....I love snow. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Tryin' to clean it up and get organized.....I need a month off work to get it all done.

Scissor obsession! I think so.

WOULD you call it a scissor obsession. It was all because when Garden Ridge got rid of their craft department years ago the scissors were 1.00 each. Well I couldn't pass it up so I bought all kinds.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Birthday PRESENT!!!

So Taylor's best friend wanted a CREATIVE present. Well she came to the right household. We love to do anything creative. SO HERE IT IS HANNAH.

Happy Birthday!!!
HERE's a song just for you Hannah sweetie!!! press HERE!!

You are such a great friend to Taylor. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!! We love you! Thanks to the lady on YOUTUBE ...Lisa Shea who does a great job with instructions (goes slow enough so we could keep up) on how to make the money origami flowers and the butterfly we used. This was great fun for Taylor and I. HERE's a song just for you Hannah sweetie!!! press HERE!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You have to go there.....

Has anyone ever told you about....drum roll It is the most addictive surfing you will ever do. Go try it - you will NOT regret it. I promise. My Paige introduced me to it and we sat for hours the other day with it. Of course - it is fun with her new laptop.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

THIS place has gone to the birds.....

THIS crazy place has gone to the birds!!! No....literally.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swim little fishy.....swim little fishy

Of course Taterbug had to get in the act. She has the lips to make GREAT fish lips huh?

My sis was here for graduation and she stayed for 7 days. WE HAD A BLAST. I had to go back to work to get some rest. LOL. She has a new sewing machine and we had to venture to the quilt store. She doesn't have what we have here - Louisville has some great quilt stores. HERE IS WHAT WE MADE!!!!! AREN't THEY adorable. They are called Parlor Pets. The goldfish and there are 4 separate patterns.

My "baby" Paige. Where did the time go?

And I can't go without showing you Paige when she was little along with tatertot. She was and still is a beautiful girl. My babygirl. She can never change that. I think all mommy's feel this way.

Paige BOUQUET's for graduation party.

Now on to the fun part that Lark and I did. I had this crazy idea to not have real flowers at her graduation party but I would make paper ones that would last. So while laying in bed one night at midnight I thought up a Paige Bouquet with pictures of her in the center. Lark helped me get all 50 of them done-last minute of course. So hard to work 48 hours a week and do creative stuff do. I used green straws and a daffodil patter off of Martha Stewart's website. They were so much fun.

It happened and I can't believe it is over.....

Above is Paige's invitations to graduation ceremony and beside it is the graduation party invites I made. She drew the bulldog puppy since that is her mascot from school and I made it into an explosion card. I must say - I loved it. But after making 35 of them - I don't want to make anymore explosion cards for a long long time. LOL.

It happened and I can't believe it is over. Paige Graduated from HIGH SCHOOL. Everything went by so so fast. Wish I could do it all over again. Although the heat about killed us along with total exhaustion - she was surrounded by everyone who LOVES her and were her friends. It was awesome. Even her very sick great aunt and a great uncle ventured out into the 95 degree heat to show her how much they love her and support her. 95 degrees the first of June was a record for us. But I wouldn't have traded it for all the fun and good time we had at Paige's Party. I just kept going in and out of the house. WE ALL worked so hard to transport all the food and smoke the bar-b-que. My husband, her DADDY worked so hard and I know Paige really appreciated it. She wrote us each a 2 page letter about her life and I cried like a baby. She also got to buy her dream with all the money she recieved.....a MACBOOK. She is in heaven.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

DID YOU SEE IT? If not you missed it....

I love all kinds of music. If it moves me then I fall in love with it. Well did you see on TV last night "Girls Night Out". It was female country stars - a salute to them. Well first of all I must say that Carrie here and go down to where you see her face and play that one....for the first time gave me goosebumps. I MEAN WOW. She was absolutely amazing. all-time favorite of the night was Miranda Lambert and her new group called "Pistol Annie." I am in love with this here.... ENJOY!!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

THIS one if my favorite!!!! Love this look. SOOOOOooooooo Paige.

PROM - WOW it brings back memories. I think my Paige looks gorgeous. ENJOY!!!
Last weekend at Artiscape - IN THE HOTEL ROOM we dyed her hair. She wanted it darker with a little red so we found a color and tried it and it is beautiful on her. Of course - everything is beautiful on Paige. The weather didn't cooperate - it rained and poured. So the clouds were moving above and it was changing my lighting. I got a few favorites ...I mean I only took 150 of them. I just can NOT help myself. I love photography.