Friday, April 22, 2011

THIS one if my favorite!!!! Love this look. SOOOOOooooooo Paige.

PROM - WOW it brings back memories. I think my Paige looks gorgeous. ENJOY!!!
Last weekend at Artiscape - IN THE HOTEL ROOM we dyed her hair. She wanted it darker with a little red so we found a color and tried it and it is beautiful on her. Of course - everything is beautiful on Paige. The weather didn't cooperate - it rained and poured. So the clouds were moving above and it was changing my lighting. I got a few favorites ...I mean I only took 150 of them. I just can NOT help myself. I love photography.


  1. Miss Paige always looks beautiful but this year she looks exceptionally beautiful. I guess this is her last formal? :-(

  2. Yes Miss Gaye, this is my last formal dance. I can't believe its ending already :( Next up is graduation, June 3rd. Merely a month away. Mom is already crying inside I just know it. ;)