Friday, February 19, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS to ME!!! Yes I know we are way past Christmas but how great to keep on getting gifts. So much fun this way. Well my beautiful friend Jennifer who lives in Alaska now made me this absolutely to die for METAL - yes I said METAL book. The etchings is me all over. It is a thick metal at least 1/16" of an inch. AND are you wondering about the FISH? Well Jennifer knows me well - I love to fish. Thank you Jennifer for my yummy book!!! There isn't anything better to an artist than to have artist friends. Cause you get such wonderful presents - HANDMADE... that nobody else has. Think about that....nobody in the world has this book - EXCEPT little ole me. I'm so fortunate.


  1. That is to die for! I have not seen Gaye's. I need visuals!!

  2. Yay I say. I loved making these books for you all. I am just so tickled that you like them so much!