Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hydrangea time!

Here is my Hydrangea bush that is huge. It is a nikko blue - but it has all the colors. I LOVE HIM. I think it loves where it is located - what do you think. I am showing you the hideous air conditioning unit so you can see how BIG my bush is. Oh that didn't sound right. oops!


  1. Love that! Reminds me of being a kid because it seems like hydrangea bushes were everywhere back them. I've never seen one with so many colors though. Am curious why you called it a him... I think the AC unit is a him and the hydrangea is a her. But that's just me. I'm keeping all other thoughts on your post to myself, but you are SO hilarious!!

  2. Paula - it's like you painted the blooms with your favorite colors! Only you could have a hydrangea with blue, purple, pink, and green blooms on it! It is wonderful!

  3. Paula, loving your big colorful bush. teehee