Friday, May 15, 2009


My little sister Lark (short black hair in picture above) who is also my best friend - PASSED her Nursing Finals yesterday.  Lark lives in Cape Cod, MA.  She is such a caring and giving woman that she will be a GREAT nurse.  I am so proud of her I could just burst.  I want to run through the streets, have a plane with a huge banner flying being hit through the air and tell everyone that MY SISTER PASSED HER FINALS - she did IT!!!!  (Although I knew she would.)  She was a nervous wreck over the final and now she feels like 3,000 pounds have been lifted off her shoulders (and mine too cause I feel everything she goes through because we are so close).  YOU GO GIRL, baby sister Lark.  I am so PROUD OF YOU!!!!   It breaks my heart that I can't be with her on graduation day, but I will be there in spirit screaming and whoooohoooing for her.    

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