Saturday, May 23, 2009


We have a crazy Robin that doesn't know where to build a nest.  Every year she puts it somewhere in a low tree or on my deck and either the cats get the nest or a mean BlueJay.   Well she insisted on putting her nest in a small spruce tree beside my house.  It is only 4 feet off the ground and there is a white cat that we keep running off and we have even let the dog out to chase the cat away.   But I did take a picture of the baby birds - I couldn't resist.  It just proves that spring is really here.   I think I have been in denial about it being the end of May because my baby - who is 11 is going to graduate 5th grade and go into middle school.  That really has me a mess.  I don't want her to grow up so fast.   Like the baby birds - they are growing so fast in that nest and in a week they will be too big to be in there - they will have to leave home.    They just sit the whole time with their mouths open - hungry all the time.  Or maybe they are just bored.  I can hear them saying as I listen very closely "Am I eating because I'm hungry or because I'm bored.  This nest is so boring and my brother and sister are taking up all the room."  

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