Monday, June 8, 2009

Chirp Chirp little Birdies

The Belle Armoire Magazine had these great little birds featured.  So as a fun project Gaye and I made them today.   I learned how to hammer a rivet with my cool new hammer.  I need practice.  Of course Gaye's is perfect.   We put them together using tiny eyelets and washers from Coffee Break Design.  Mike and Chris have the coolest stuff.   Mine is the blue one.   Oh and Gaye found this cool copper garland at a yard sale and gave me some today.  We thought the birds needed to be on some kind of backing.  Serendipity the garland was perfect for it.  The copper birdhouse behind the birds is one we cut off the garland.  I'll tell you what though  - Gaye sure knows how to look at things in a different light.   I am learning from her.  It isn't a garland it is a birdhouse for our birds.  Love her!!!!  She is the yard sale QUEEN.  

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  1. Oh Paula
    These look even better the day after if I do say so myself. I just sealed the back this morning. Love them!