Monday, April 19, 2010

Artiscape comes to an end.

Below are the cutest flip flops in the world. Aren't they just adorable. Thanks Beth for making them so fast - we loved wearing them. She is so talented.

These were of course bumper stickers and the car was from California. I loved them all - thought you might enjoy a laugh too.

I can't believe it is over. That Artiscape has come and gone so quickly. It is such a well organized event. I had a good time and I want to thank my assistant "Vanna" for all her hard work. Thanks baby girl. Also a big THANK YOU TO all my students and friends who signed up for my classes. You sure know how to make a teacher/friend feel good. You are all so talented it was a pleasure being with you this past weekend. Here are a few pics from the weekend of fun. Now I need a week of napping and a call to the doctor for some silvadeen for my burn on my arm. Remember - don't lay your wrist on the soldering iron - it will burn the tar out of you.


  1. Great bumper stickers! Cool flip flops! Glad it went well!!

  2. It was great to see you at Artiscape. I wish we had had time to visit more. Your students made awesome pins.