Friday, April 23, 2010

What I got at Artiscape/Ohio.

I saw over on Pat Pleacher's blog...Art Kerfuffle that she took a picture of what Gaye brought her back from Artiscape so I thought I would take a picture of what I got/bought.

I am into birds right now. I love everything that is birds. Marianna Larew from Warren, Ohio, of gave me a wonderful collage pack you see here on the left. I stopped by Stamp Your Art Out in Ohio on the way back and got the Tim Holtz mask letters and the 1 inch stamps. I got the stencil and the fantastic shoe size tags from Mike and Chris Meador of Coffee Break Designs. The little silver heart is from Carol Kimbal who teaches silver clay at Artiscape. Love everything that I bought. It was plenty for me. That is my new philosophy - I have to be in love with it to buy it because otherwise I buy wayyyyyyy tooooo much and never have time to use it. I didn't spend a ton either.


  1. Amen to that!!! I love everything you bought too!

  2. Hi Paula! Thanks for remembering me. I have posted a link to your blog from mine as well as information about Artiscape as well.

  3. I broke a promise to myself and spent waaaaay toooooo much again this year. Paula, I loved your class and just finished posting about the classes I took in my blog. I linked to your blog for better examples :) Hope to see you again next year and I will try to practice so that I can take the advanced class!