Sunday, August 15, 2010

ART UNRAVELED......held in an OVEN. LOL

Well I am back from AU. The talent that this retreats holds is amazing. The teachers AND the students. Thank you to ALL my students for signing up for class. My classes went GREAT and from the response from students I think they were all happy. At least I hope everyone enjoyed their time in my classes.

As far as PHOENIX goes....well let me just say I need color in my life other than brown. IT WAS like we were walking around ON FIRE. One day it was 112 degrees. OMG right? Would never want to live there because of the heat. Well I am from Kentucky and will stay. I was thinking that we were there during their WINTER season really. Everything ugly and dead. But the people were very nice and their was PLENTY of shopping to do. Went to Sedona one day...what a difference in temperature. Wow.

I took the Glass Journal class from Thomas Ashman. My sister and I were very excited to actually be taking a class. When you teach you don't get to take many classes and I was long overdue. We really enjoyed our day and came away with an awesome book. Here are some pictures for you. I am ready to make more. The construction was mind boggling. How this man came up with this binding is mind boggling to me. The only thing I would have changed is I wish I would have had paste papers for the inside of my book.


  1. You gotta come see me and bring that book. I've just gotta hold it.

  2. Compared to Phoenix, this is just a toaster oven here, not a real oven!!
    Me too, me too - on the glass book!!!

  3. Me three, me three. The book looks so cool! Love the spine. Glad that you were able to take a class. I am sure that your students loved you and learned a lot. Yes, Arizona is hot, but it's a DRY heat........!

  4. I certainly enjoyed your classes Paula, and am inspired to make more, more, more little shinny things! Your lovely daughter Paige was adorable and such a help. Loved your "sweet southern style" and your great tips! Hope you come back and teach again next year!