Saturday, August 14, 2010

Look what the mailman brought me.....

BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!! Birthday Present!!!! Before I left for Art Unraveled the mailman brought me an absolutely beautiful handmade book. (I have just now found the time to pay my respects.) MADE by the one and only Pat Pleacher. Pat was my first book teacher. She is awesome....go see for yourself here. I LOVE MY BOOK - just love it. After you see it you will understand why. Oh by the way....I love to fish and all my girlfriends know it. So that is why it has that theme. THANK YOU PAT - U ROC girl. You also made me cry alligator happy tears.


  1. awwww.. you are so sweet. Just make sure you put in your will that it comes back to me(LOL). I had a hard time letting it go!

  2. Wow, what a book! Pat you are such a fabulous book artist! This one is so beautiful! What a great b-day gift!